How You Can Modify PS4 Controller: Step By Step Guide

Even the play-station 4 (PS 4 ) control is a good step up from preceding generations, however, there’s obviously room for just a tiny alteration. The stock stick is a touch too simple and also the stock black is still excellent but why don’t you decorate this up a little.

You will discover swap-out your thumbsticks for x-box One rule sticks, just how to remove your control and get rid of the faceplate and that means you’re able to paint it followed closely by shredding and reassembly.

Measure 1: Warnings, Hazards, and Ethical Factors

as being a forewarning some modification into your control will not hazard breaking any guarantee you might have.
Taking apart your control will expose sensitive electronic equipment that might be readily hurt therefore prevent shedding or breaking or losing some parts and prevent static electricity buildup by focusing on a difficult surface.

When swapping rule out sticks ensure that the brand newest ones will probably fit suitably and perhaps not hurt anything at the control.
Read instructions before implementing each step in order to avert damaging the control.

Measure 2: Gear and Gear Review

Observe: Screws are small, put them you won’t lose them.

Measure 4: Spacious Casing

Presenting the textured bottom of the casing together along with your hands along with the face with the flip side pull the two halves such as a clam. Both halves are wrapped and certainly can require a little force to divide and create a noise that was loud but does not be worried about breaking it. As shown previously, the choice between sides pulling them apart opens.

ALERT: Be careful to not pull on the 2 tails off from each other formerly opened because there’s just a ribbon cable that’ll have to be excavated.

After apart, with the tweezers or needle-nose pliers, pull on the ribbon cable out of the plug at the control circuit board (perhaps maybe not out of the LED inside the casing).

NOTE: there’s just a tiny rubber reset button that sits onto the circuit board and also will be very likely to collapse out thus be careful never to lose this bit and also do not forget to restore it once reassembling the control.

Place these components apart and proceed ahead into the following measure.
Ahead of yanking on the circuit board off make certain to make utilize of your own tweezers or pliers to detach the ribbon cable than joins to the signature pad outside of the circuit board.
Eventually, softly pull on the circuit board out turn it gain access into this thumbsticks.

Measure 6: Alter Sticks

Now replace damaged sticks with fresh ones or you could decide to bypass this measure. With the thumbsticks in the x-box One control in my situation I opted to swap them out.

Hammering the circuit board with a single hand, hold the thumb pull and stick it up and away from the plank. In order that they should come away 12, There’s not anything procuring them.

Catch your replacement ruler sticks and pay attention to this rectangular form of this hole and post and then align them suitably. Only press on the sticks on the articles ensuring that they all are how seated. The entire thing should come out easily now.

NOTE: ” There are going to be lots of small parts only at that point, therefore it is suggested keeping them together and organized.

Eliminate the signature pad by shoving it pivoting it on the top article.

The picture above shows your membranes and each of of the buttons eliminated

1 – Dpad

3- PS

4- Twist

5- Share and Options

Transfer these buttons into the medial side to get reassembly after

Measure 8: Paint face-plate

Make sure nothing is attached to the faceplate which you never want to be colored.

NOTE: Fair caution painting may pay for upward and stickers on the control for example at the d-pad arrows and the possibility and share tags.

Catch your selection of paint and adhere to the directions on the can. If using spray-paint make certain to spray a nutshell sweeping software in many coats with the time and energy for you to wash between coats.
There’ll be a great deal of personal taste now but try to not use a lot of paint since it may clog the holes up.
In the Event That You picked to when I’d, you can employ a clear coat for an Additional touch

NOTE: Plasti-Dip might or might not be too thick for application thus execute an examination before using it if you chose.

Measure 9: Alter Face Buttons

when your control is totally dry begin to re-assembling the control in reverse order starting with all the switches.
Be conscious of your face switches, they all have particular notchings that ensure they’ll just fit in the appropriate locale and the right alignment. Note.
If re-inserting the signature pad be careful to get the ribbon cable captured under the front pole, consult with the image above.
Eventually, replace the rubber membrane being more careful never to position down them.

Measure 10: Alter Circuit-board

Alter the twist procuring the Circuit-board into the Face-plate
Re-place refresh button
Twist the LED ribbon cable in being careful to align the hooks onto the Right side (facing inwards).
Finally, plug straight in and place it into its home.

NOTE: You also might choose to Change the battery now using a brand fresh or greater battery (that the PS3 control battery will match and it bigger and more lasting)

Measure 11: reassemble Controller

Make sure everything is at the right location and all of the parts accounted for until snapping both housings straight together.

Measure 12: Works Evaluation and Troubleshooting

After everything comes plug it into and try all of the controllers at Omega mods
the most usual difficulty it the light-emitting diode cable disconnecting, the reset button falling outside, and also the causes misaligned.

Assess both ends of this cable making certain that they are how aligned and plugged.

Be sure that the button is set up and not hanging on a floor or the dining table.


They are going to snap into place if your causes pop during the procedure. Be careful to not drop the spring that’ll fit inner article and place into the slits on control along with the cause. Assess the rubberized to be certain that it’s put in as shown in the graphics above.

Measure 13: Closing Merchandise

That you have it an improved and brand new, habit to you!

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