AFK Arena Currency Guide

For example, a market that has been created around people facing against each other at the initial Pong, this medium has ever been established throughout rivalry. In this way, programmers always make an effort to boost the spirit of fair play inside their games, and so that anybody can endure the opportunity, provided that they are eager to spend these hours.

But many games–especially people in the mobile-platform –often to overload in regards to microtransactions; in-game purchases with a real income, which could sometimes provide players an unfair advantage over the others.

This issue with balancing is becoming so trivial, that players frequently examine the games predicated in their own pay-to-win into the Free to Play ratio. This usually means that games that contain unfair benefits to people that cover are while people who offer mostly shortcuts and makeup via in-game purchases acquire a pass.

Luckily, some programmers know about the schism in which microtransactions have generated and tackle this problem by simply implementing approaches to close the difference between both kinds of players.

At AFK Arena, Lilith Games strives to close down the schism with the addition of many monies aside out of diamonds, also the game’s top money. While diamonds have been traditionally employed for purchasing all kinds of goods that are awesome they don’t really offer an unfair advantage on other players simply because they simply hasten the speed of which they may get superior heroes.

In this way, it is rather feasible to overcome a superior player without having to spend a single penny on microtransactions. The simple fact is compounded by the occurrence of many, various kinds of monies, most of which might help fortify your team and uncover characters that are wonderful.

Inside this informative article, we will look at whatsoever the monies on this game, in addition to how to have them.


Even as we mentioned previously, diamonds will be the game’s top money. It’s possible to take advantage of this resource for purchasing virtually anything from hero and gear re-sets, to enthusiast essences and also different services. The best thing about diamonds on this game is the fact that despite being superior money, free players may readily acquire a fantastic level of these each and every moment. Therefore, they have been of vital significance, particularly when seeking to unlock heroes that are amazing.

Diamonds might be gotten from a number of resources, in diverse amounts. Even the dailies, specifically, are extremely important since they may be done in just a couple of minutes, and give countless diamonds. These activities contain anything by fighting a boss at the effort, clearing a point from the King’s Tower, accentuating a thing once, or even engaging from the Arena, amongst others.

Weekly quests, but are somewhat more special and also demand activities that always require more hours and energy for you to finish. None the less, the rewards are absolutely worth every penny since they feature tens of thousands of diamonds, scrolls, along with other infrequent goods.


The most bizarre money of almost any fantasy RPG. Gold would be the major currency of Esperia, that will not state much as it’s infrequently utilized on your journeys throughout the land. Yet, gold is equally crucial as you put it to use to enhancing your own gear and leveling your own characters. In this way, as you won’t utilize for purchasing any kind of rare things or costly goods, you use it to get something more important: becoming stronger.

Fortunately, virtually everything that you perform in this game rewards you with all gold. From completing degrees and clearing periods while inside the Arcane Labyrinth to winning games at the Arena, completing Bounty Board quests, and lots of different activities; the majority of what exactly which you perform at AFK Arena provide gold. As a result of it, it’s very likely you won’t actually throw it until discovering you have countless money, that will be excellent as you’ll burn up off it once updating heroes into the greatest levels.


Diamonds aren’t the sole currency used from the summoning of personalities. While diamonds have been traditionally useful for all diverse trades, scrolls are just another kind of money, that will be used only from the tavern for money. But as you’re looking for countless tens of thousands of stone for a summoning, you simply need one tap each enthusiast. No matter it certainly is preferable to hold out before you gather 10 scrolls and that means it’s possible to conduct bulk summoning with higher odds to obtaining a fantastic hero.

You will find two varieties of scrolls: ordinary, and faction scrolls, which can be, essentially the same. Nevertheless, the prior can be employed for ordinary summonings, whilst the latter can be employed in faction summonings, which includes a better probability of producing heroes of a particular faction. Have a peek at our AFK Arena unit guide in the event that you would like to find out more about enthusiast types within this game.

Friendship Points

This really is still yet a different sort of special money, found in an alternative sort of summoning. While definitely much less ordinary or useful since scrolls, you’re able to slowly gather friendship issues and use them for majority summonings. The rationale why they are less useful because one other money is basically as it will take a while to gather enough friendship points to some majority summoning.

It’s possible to get those tips by accessing it out of players on your friend list. You are restricted to 30 players on your friendliest, and may only receive things out of 20 of these. What’s more, the players have to be busy and ship friendship issues until it is possible to receive them so make certain you incorporate just people that you are actively playing with the game.

Tavern Points

Every single time you run a summoning at the Noble Tavern, then you will receive points corresponding to the selection of personalities that you simply just summoned. Once you gather 100 points, then you may use these to muster a hero of one’s choice.

We aren’t likely to lie: that is most likely the lightest Testament process as you want to summon 100 personalities to assemble the crucial things. But, it is among the most useful techniques as you can in fact choose the hero faction that you would like to rally from and marginally skip the section of RNG.

Guild Coins

As its name implies, you’re able to procure guild coins by leading a guild, The major method whereby you are able to donate is by engaging in the everyday team searches. These tasks grant a lot of gear, experience, and also other drops, even while also fostering your guild participation. You may get your guild coins at the email another day based on how much you have in the crew search.

As soon as you’ve amassed plenty of guild coins, then you need to use them from the guild store for purchasing a lot of goods including special personalities, gear, and essences.

Hero Coins

There’ll come a moment as soon as your hero roll is complete, and you are going to need to earn space if you desire to keep on summoning. Fortunately, there exists a means to retire your ordinary heroes, while also receiving rewards for their own difficulties. From the Rickety Cart you can consult with the NPC you personally to retire your own undesired, common-quality personalities as a swap for essences and comic strips.

Exactly as using tavern coins, now it requires quite a very long time for you to gather those coins. Nevertheless, as soon as you conserve enough, you may utilize them for buying special personalities from the Barracks, which can be obtained from the guildhall.

Labyrinth Tokens

Last, labyrinth Assets will be the money you receive by clearing amounts from the Arcane Labyrinth. You’re able to gather a reasonable number from every run, way more in the event that you really clean the 3 floors of this labyrinth. Then, you may utilize your hard-earned tokens while inside the labyrinth store, in which you could purchase a variety of goods: out of gear and essences to full soul and heroes stone.

This is what you want to know more about the monies in AFK Arena. Some of them are worth farming, but some gather up naturally with time. Don’t hesitate to talk about the own most useful farming and collecting pointers in the comments below!

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