7 mobile games to help children develop during social distancing

My family’s surprise at social distancing was the blurring and blurring of boundaries. While workdays and weekends are similar, there is a new kind of hybrid time. While we still have to learn and work, we also have the opportunity to spend a lot more time commuting or other travel-related tasks.

Since my last list of games with benefits, more than four years have passed. Developers have created new apps and developed new methods and theories for teaching. My children have evolved and now we have new ones.

My attitude towards computer games has not changed. Electronic games will not be discarded. It would be a denial of reality and a serious strategic disadvantage to our children in the future.

In games, resistance is futile. But it’s better for us to lead the way and steer the process rather than to just throw our hands up. Fun apps and games can be used to teach kids about computers. This will show that technology is useful and serves us, not the other direction.

Any parent will tell their child that forbidden fruit is the best. You can choose how you introduce gaming to your children. However, we have discovered that digital gaming is something kids need to be able to control. Like adult life, there are many issues with addiction, asociality, or potential danger from strangers. Enjoy the fruit together, but remember to keep in mind your time limits and other limitations. Consider game genres, interaction with people, and the basics of our interactions with smart devices (including cybersecurity guidelines).

It can be tempting to give your digital natives full control in busy times. You get to unwind, they get privacy, freedom, and a territory that is deceptively inviting to them. You have the chance to blend your knowledge with theirs during this period of social distancing.

These are the top smart mobile games that my children love and some educational apps that they enjoy exploring together. FInd out more lists with mobile games at Venos Tech

1. What’s in your heart?

How did they do that? How about this one? What is the other thing? These and many other natural science questions flood the minds of children, often spilling out at work.

Learny Land has a series of fun and educational apps that will help relieve your stress.

How Are Things Made? (Android, iOS)
What’s in Space? (Android, iOS)
May the Forces Be With You (iOS)
What Were Dinosaurs Like? (Android, iOS)
How does The Human Body Work? (Android, iOS)

2. Logic puzzles

Children and adults both benefit from shaking off the gray matter. I must admit that REBUS has become my favorite distraction during flights. According to the makers, solving the rebus will make your head feel more relaxed. Rebuses are visual puzzles that require you to use logic associations to solve them.

Some problems can be difficult enough to require days of thought. Some others crack open like peanuts one after the other. They make a great exercise for combinatorial and outside-the-box thinking. The authors also offer AZZL for kids not ready to take on such challenges.

REBUS (Android, iOS)

3. Classic arcade games

Ah, the nostalgia! You can create new memories with old titles like Lode Runner (or Dig Dug), Digger (or Dig Dug), Tetris, Lode Runner, Tetris and PAC-MAN. The games we grew to love are still relevant after all these decades. The gameplay mechanics are an enduring piece of genius.

Digger (Android, iOS)
Lode Runner (Android, iOS)
Tetris (Android, iOS)
PACMAN (Android, iOS)

4. Find and guess

Amanita Design’s games are distinguished by their extraordinary level of detail, unusually vivid characters, and fascinating magical worlds.

The games are inspired by the classic quests of 1980s and 1990s. They force the brain to think in new ways, breaking out of its old problem-solving habits, and encourage it to do so. CHUCHEL can get too easy for you, so if you’re looking for more, the studio has other games, including Botanicula, Samorost 3 and Machinarium. For the little ones, Pilgrims.

CHUCHEL (Android, iOS)
Samorost 3 (Android, iOS)
Machinarium (Android, iOS)
Botanicula (Android, iOS)

5. Godlike powers

It is hard to be a god. Pavilion features various otherworldly signs that spur the main character to action. This setup is aptly described by the creators as a “fourth person puzzling adventure.” I have never regretted spending the four dollars.

Pavilion (Android, iOS)

6. Visit to Lumino City

Lumino city is another favorite for well-designed adventure quests.

Although I could have just listed the game under Pavillion as similar, I couldn’t help but to not include it in that category. The game’s stunning visuals and stage set deserve all your attention. They have created a monument for themselves and styled it in the manner of puppet-animated films from the 1970s and 1980s. You might want to start with the Making Of Lumino City. Amazing!

Lumino city is a great app. You can also check out the prequel Lume. The authors have released it for free in the App store as of the writing of this article.

Lumino City (Android, iOS)
The Making of Lumino City iOS
Lume iOS

7. More and more

Playdead’s INIDE is a game from the creators of the LIMBO classic. It’s about a little boy and his adventures in the afterlife. Although it sounds a little creepy, you can’t help but notice the beauty. While their children are playing, parents can relax and enjoy the art of the child’s imagination.

LIMBO (Android, iOS)

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