By Team

Top 5 lists of investment teams, firms, incubators, accelerators and more.

500 Startups

33314 followers 2086 followers 15721 followers 1466 followers 769 followers
Dave McClure Shai Goldman Christine Tsai George Kellerman Parker Thompson

Google Ventures

23560 followers 1996 followers 3080 followers 4674 followers 5009 followers
Kevin Rose Rich Miner Wesley Chan MG Siegler Joe Kraus

Launchpad LA

17043 followers 1448 followers 1959 followers 629 followers 396 followers
Mark Suster Jim Andelman Sam Teller Jamie Kantrowitz Adam Lilling


1704 followers 554 followers 400 followers 3008 followers 457 followers
Stephan Paternot Dominic Preuss Jeff Thomas Barry Silbert Lawrence Lenihan

SV Angel

7615 followers 6406 followers 717 followers 1568 followers 170 followers
David Lee Sizhao Yang Kevin Carter Topher Conway Robert Pollak


25112 followers 6806 followers 1948 followers 605 followers 690 followers
Brad Feld David Cohen Katie Rae Mark Solon Ari Newman

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