What is this all about?

Angel5 is a founder friendly view of investors on AngelList sorted and ranked into groups of 5. Use our site to quickly build up your network and find new investors relevant to your business and interests.

How are investors selected for these lists?

Several different ways but it’s more editorial versus algorithmic driven. We slice and dice data from the AngelList investor and markets pages to get started. Then we look for common themes and investment strategies in investors. Next we mix in some good old fashion insider baseball and gossip from other founders. Finally, we take your feedback and watch for emerging trends in the market.

We also look for those angels who are truly active and engaged on AngelList. So if an investors is prolific in a particular area but not active on AngelList we’re not likely to include them.

You have me on the wrong list or I don’t want to be listed. Help?

No problem! Just email hello@angel5.co to be updated or removed.

Is this website affiliated with AngelList?

No this website is not part of or officially affiliated with AngelList. All trademarks and other legal stuff belongs to them. We’re just fans of their approach and want to provide a new lens specifically geared towards founders. We do use the public AngelList API to access data and keep our listing details current.

I have other questions. Who should I bug?

Email hello@angel5.co anytime or message @percival on AngelList.